Friday, 12 June 2015

The United Nations Buffer Zone In Nicosia, Cyprus

If you're nostalgic for some Cold War-era barriers, head to the city of Nicosia, Cyprus and take a walk through its no man's land - the buffer zone between Greek Cyprus and the northern part of the Island occupied by the Turks.

Nicosia sits along the buffer zone and is a divided city, complete with barriers. No Berlin wall; mostly just a hodgepodge of barrels.

The buffer zone, no entry except for established crossing sites. And no life in whole neighborhoods, swallowed by the conflict.

Barriers marking the zone. Hastily placed, slowly augmented.

Life goes on along the line.

A delicate cafe abuts the zone. An instant dead end street.

Mural and grass to add a little class.

A business abutting the barrier. Reading by the barrels.

The sun setting and rust building, breaking down the barrels and signs of how long the barriers have been there.