Thursday, 3 March 2016

Savoring Saravanaa Bhavan

One of the epicurean pleasures of being posted in Chennai was the Dosas. The greasy crepe, the chutneys, the accompanying fresh juice or sweet lime soda.

Recently on James' visit to Doha, he discovered that Chennai's big purveyor of dosas, Saravanaa Bhavan, has a few outlets. Time to get a Dosa fix.

Iconic sign.

Something not seen in India, an uncrowded, sedate dining room. Menu, stainless steel cup and tissues as napkins, all features from India.

Dosa time!

Where in the world is the South Indian diaspora? It's easy to figure out, just look where Saravanaa Bhavan has opened restaurants.  That'll work, a fresh watermelon juice.

A sign you're in India, but not in India.  Don't run roughshod over our facilities!

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