Monday, 15 August 2016

Mighty, Mystical Meteora

Central Greece contains one of the world's most unique rock formations. Towering pillars jut from the valley, creating a dizzying effect, both from gazing upward at the impressive rocks and looking down, from atop one of them.

Mmm, Meteora.

Wait, are there buildings on top of the pillars? Well, yes. Monasteries to be exact. Really? Yes!

Hermit monks first came to the area in the 9th century, looking for a place where they wouldn't be bothered.  Um, understatement. By the 1300s, cave dwelling transitioned into living in built monasteries. Access for centuries was restricted to hoisting baskets. Today, a road leads you to a handful of monasteries.

The chapel in one of the monasteries. And some spooky history.

Another look at the mystical valley. So famous, James Bond showed up in 1981 for a scene in For Your Eyes Only.

Going from spooky to grim, details from another chapel's fresco.

Back outside, time to enjoy the rocky landscape.

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