Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Going To An Intervention (7)

Sarah and James attended a convention last week called Intervention 7. What? Best simply to roll out the subtitle: The Intersection of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Future Media. Got it? Your Trek fans, your Dr. Who fans, Anime, all that leap forward stuff.

What separates this Con from similar ones is the positive, all-inclusive vibe.  No macho, hater gamer culture, just folks looking for a fun weekend, following their passion.

Time to register.

Did we mention Dr. Who? Signs of the show were everywhere, stickers, skirts, Tardis lives!

Portrait of Tardis, the dress edition.

Gamer room. For sale, paintings, augmented.

Panel discussion. Full disclosure: that's Sarah's sister, Rachel, talking about directing an amazing Dr. Who episode.

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  1. So glad you came to our convention. Sounds like you had a good time!😆 We WANT your experience to be a positive one. Hope you can join us next year!