Monday, 12 March 2018

Street Murals In Kuching

Kuching has brightened an old part of town with lively murals. You can find them covering a couple of blocks near the open food market and Indian street bazaar.

Recreating a scene that exists in reality all around the area: a vendor selling drinks and food on a stick. And a cat.

Recent murals done by volunteers from the design campus of UiTM Kota Samarahan.  Nice touch to shake things up by turning heads.

Using what you have, electrical lines and door awning. And cats.

From 2014, here are two murals that started the trend, also taking advantage of (or adding) physical elements. A no-brainer to feature the area's most famous animal, the mighty Orangutan. A little connection for Sarah and James, the artist who painted these murals is Ernest Zacharevic, a famous street artist from their last posting, Lithuania. Gerai!


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