Friday, 2 March 2018

What's Wat At Wat Hua Krabue

Besides bad puns? Supposedly a lot of water buffalo heads. We found a pile in a nearby field, the fruits of a mostly fruitless labor of a local abbot who was looking for a novel theme, a tribute to the ubiquitous beast of burden. So far, Wat Hua Krabue doesn't incorporate the buffalo heads, instead relying on Buddhist standards like candles, lights and figures.

Wats can be a feast for the senses and Hua Krabue didn't disappoint.

Prayer alcove. Yep, this space is simply a small ante room.

Point of purchase opportunities. Personal products for monks, construction materials for the Wat.

One of the creepier/enthralling features at many Wats are monk figures. The detail is impressive. The unique likenesses getting a bit personal.

More figures. What should little Luang Phor Ban be when grown up? The standard reaches: doctor, military. Don't forget your little red book!

Buddhist mural detail, the light shining through.

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