Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Sanctuary Of Truth

It's amazing what one can accomplish when one puts one's mind to it. So the saying goes. One man is Thai billionaire Lek Viriyaphan. He decided there needed to be a monumental wooden sanctuary to combat the prevalent themes of the Cold War. Why not?

The building was started in 1981 and is scheduled for completion in 2025 or when the world is devoid of wood, whichever comes first. No joke (OK, a little...), the place is big, 105 meters high.

The postcard view.

It is, indeed, completely constructed with wood and carvings cover most areas. Thematically, the carvings explore ancient themes of Hindu and Buddhist culture, telling stories related to knowledge, philosophy, responsibility and limiting sugar intake. Maybe not that last one.

The building is divided into four massive halls, a bit like a symmetrical cathedral. The carvings are impressive, especially the quantity. There's an art history term that comes to mind, horror vacui.

Outside, workers are still busy carving more figures, so many, they're piling up (the sculptures, not the workers).

Carving away.
A little nod to tourism. You can get dressed up like a royal Thai and have a throne pic taken, complete with your entourage. When business is slow, check the cell phone. And the hair.

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