Monday, 12 February 2018

Bagging A Drink In Malaysia

It's tropical and humid in Malaysia, one must stay hydrated. And compact. And frugal. Ditch the mug/cup/container, when you need refreshment, nab the bag.

At a roadside stall, your cold coffee is iced and bagged for you.

Coffee not your bag, baby? Pick any color of the rainbow and chances are you can sate your thirst. Yellow seems suspiciously close to same color in, same color out. James was told it's cheap liquor. No surprise.

The next step is to find a place to hang your beverage. That bag isn't going to stand itself. Camouflage with a tree is perfect.

More hanging opportunities, all chained up and double bagged at work.

Bag, ready to move.

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  1. This brings back great memories for me. Not Malaysia though, but Sri Lanka back in the day. There was a 'milk bar' in the middle of nowhere, only came upon it twice in travels, and you could get fresh milk bundled in that plastic bag style with a straw to go. Not having fresh milk for over a year, and having it chilled too --- heaven!! Did you try any of the menu selections?