Friday, 3 August 2018

Murals At Wat Preah Prom

One of the highlights of Wat Preah Prom is an expansive mural that takes up an inner wall of the courtyard that surrounds the ordination hall. The mural, or series of murals, takes up all four walls and depicts a variety of Khmer legends, ancient life and stories of Buddha.

It's the loving, sometimes frightening, style of the murals that make the biggest impressions. On to the show.

The murals, complete with tiger cutouts. Buddhists love a colorful show.

Ugh oh. Getting eaten never looked so clear.

Bedding down. Notice the 3D plaster work.

Sneaky rabbit, snarky horse and busy bird.

Going all out to illustrate a crowd, heads receding to infinity. A Renaissance trick.

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