Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Visiting The Killing Fields Of Choeung Ek, Part Two

On to grim details at Choeng Ek.

The killing stopped in 1978, once Pol Pot was toppled. The graves were mostly excavated by 1980. Many graves remain untouched and bones, clothing and personal effects emerge from the ground all the time. The artifacts are collected and kept.

Signs of power and domination. Khmer uniforms. Rope ties.

Piles of skulls, many collected and displayed in a central Memorial Stupa.

Found clothing. When the staff at Choeung Ek find items, they'll leave them out for a bit, in a display case. Single tooth. All a grim reminder of the recent past and the unfinished present.

The focal point of the complex, the Memorial Stupa. It's a repository for many of the skulls and bones, stacked higher than the eye wants to go.

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