Friday, 2 November 2018

Seeking Everything At Phnom Penh's Central Market

There's a great market in the center of town a real, hulking Art Deco gem of a building, as vibrant as ever.

Busy outside.

Beautiful inside. The central dome. Ventilated.

Enough architecture gazing, time to shop. What do you need? Everything! What do they have? More than everything!

OK, might as well first get dressed. Grab some innerwear and outerwear. Or your underwear and overwear.

Time to plus things up with a fancy watch and some fancy hair.

Time to take up a vice. Tobacco or drugs?

Done? No way!

Gotta feather the home nest: dishes and glasses.

Plunder for silver and gold.

Maybe a national Cambodian scarf design or back to textile basics - start by choosing a color.

Whew, lunch break. Yup, Central Market has a space for that activity also.

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