Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Old Architecture In Yangon

Yangon has some of the most impressive British Colonial and Art Deco architecture of any city in Asia. Most of the municipal buildings were built by the British and more recent architecture followed current worldwide trends. Between regime change, wars and tropical wear and tear, most buildings display various stages of disrepair and rot.

Old high school.

Telegraph office, intruding cell tower. Apartment building, both fading away and keeping up electronically.

The most important British Colonial building in the city, now being impressively restored, The Secretariat.

Old movie theaters in various amounts of Art Deco trappings.

St Paul school for girls, still in use.

Lovely details, stressing the amount of architectural detail.

The rot is real with many buildings in prominent locations still waiting for the renovation angel and the many kyats needed to bring them back to original splendor (with air conditioning, wifi, parking).

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