Friday, 18 July 2014

Digging Our Digs In Vilnius

We had a nice apartment in Chennai and have lucked out again in our present post, Vilnius. Government housing isn't government cheese. Ready for a tour?

The living area, a combo of kitchen, dining and living. Cozy, especially come winter.

The first floor entrance area, stairs leading up and down and a small, built in bookcase. Bedroom.

Hello Rabbit, nice of you to make the journey!

Fancy bathroom with claw tub, we'll take it. A hideaway attic bedroom.

Our private grocery store, otherwise known as consumables. A lot of flour, sauces and chocolate. And Cheeze-Its. Some peanuts. Sugar. Beans. Coffee, maple syrup. We're ready for the apocalypse.

Back down the stairs to the basement, it's medieval grotto time. With a delicate, glass-cube shower. The iShower? And a mystery door on the left, wonder what's behind it?

Wonder no more. Grab a towel and head into the steam room. Ahhh.....

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  1. Um, WOW. Six tours, never anything this nice!