Friday, 25 July 2014

Have A Seat By The Neris River In Vilnius

What to do when people gather and sit on the flood plain concrete that lines the Neris River? Dig a bunch of the squares out and replace them with brightly-colored seats. Genius!

The setting, the flood embankment along the river.

If people are going to come sit, let's make accommodations. 

Maybe the seats are left over from an old arena. Maybe it's an art project. It's definitely a good way to have a little riverside fun.


  1. Hi, Sarah. Just letting you know I'm enjoying your (and James's) blog. Great pics. Ken

    1. Ken, So glad you're enjoying the blog - thank you for reading. Wish you could be here for the lovely Lithuanian summer!

  2. Very clever and inviting! I would go sit on them just to check it out and enjoy the view for a spell!