Monday, 14 July 2014

The Old Town Of Vilnius

Europe is filled with cities that feature old town sections and Lithuania's Vilnius has one of the best examples. It's locally known as Senamiestis and is still an integral, working part of the city. You can find Vilnius University, the Presidential Palace and many churches within the old town. UNESCO named it a world heritage site in 1994.

Looking north from the town hall square.

A baroque church, St Catherine, built in the 1800's. Hey, Lithuanian on the wall!

The Gate of Dawn, the only gateway from the old city walls to survive, 16th century. There's a chapel inside, a feature to safeguard the city.

More details, a typical block and top of a church.

One of the many lanes, a medieval fantasyland. 

Plenty of outdoor places to stop and have a bite, at least in the summer. The old post office.

A funky movie theater, naturally playing arty films.

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