Monday, 9 February 2015

The Ancient Mounds At Kernave

Not far outside Vilnius is Kernave, an archeological site of historical significance, the medieval pagan capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kernave represents thousands of years of settlements contained in five mounds - sometimes referred to as Lithuania's "Troy."

The mounds and the Neris River in the distance. Steps allow visitors to wander the mounds without eroding them. And they look cool.

Looking back from the Neris, the mounds rising ahead. All species: Do Not Climb On The Mounds!

Rolling graphic. A bucolic version of Roger Fenton's moving Shadow of the Valley of Death photograph?

In the winter, not many people out for a stroll. You can count them on your thumbs. Isolated wood in the distance.

A familiar friend! Definitely a cold one.

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