Thursday, 9 April 2015

Getting Sweet At Naive Chocolate

Everyone asks us what Lithuania's big business is. They don't make cars, pump oil or harvest timber. No fishing, fancy watches or coal mines. How about agriculture and lots of little start-ups, fitting a small, newly-independent country?

Recently, we were fortunate to get a tour of one of the sweeter start-ups, Naive Chocolate. The inspiring young entrepreneur, Domantas Uzpalis, is behind the cocoa empire. Bring on the bars!

We were there on a Saturday, a day of chocolate rest. The factory, taking a breather.

Classic cocoa bean bags. Flavors come from freeze-dried reductions.

Picking over roasted beans and a bucket full of the roasted nibs, sourced from Tanzania.

Bars in molds.

The flavor stock, waiting to be divided into bars. Naive does interesting (and popular) flavors, including porcini.

And hops. Or bars infused with antioxidants and snarky names. Pace yourself.

The fun part of the tour, tasting time.

The goods.

The packaged goods. 

Naive is distributed in the United States, so start looking for this great chocolate!

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