Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Krazy For Tulips At Keukenhof

Let's play a little word association. Flowers, tulips. Tulips, the Netherlands. Netherlands, spring. Add it all up and it spells Keukenhof. If you're a tulip-phile, the best place to be to view the fine flowers is a garden in the Netherlands that's only open two months a year, a big flower party to celebrate the tulip and other blooming bulbs.

Lazy water, rolling hills and plenty of blooms.

The beds of flowers, so dynamic, making people seem fuzzy.

Photo-op sit.

Taking time out for a little sculpture viewing.

Rivers of flowers.

A little fauna to go with all the flora. On the right, Darwin's nightmare, a peacock trying to interest the sheep. No chance.

An easy way to spend the day with swans, a lake and acres of flowers. Right, we're in Europe.

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  1. Keukenhof is truly magical. Thanks for the revisit through your photos!