Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Medininkai Border Guardhouse Memorial

One of the worst events on the path to Lithuania's independence from the Soviet Union was a guardhouse massacre in the early hours of July 31, 1991. Soviet OMON forces executed eight Lithuanian guards and policemen. One border officer survived and is still living, forever paralyzed.

The humble guardhouse still stands, now enclosed by a glass box, preserved as a memorial to the tragedy.

Inside, left as is from that fateful July morning. On the left wall, the dead. Straight ahead, the lone survivor.

The floor has been re-covered, save for a place that graphically shows bullet holes. Coffee evidence.

Border guard desk. So humble, barely enough room to tuck in the chair.

Time, forever stopped at 1991.

There's a smaller room off of the main one, a place for sleeping and another simple desk.

Sleep materials still life.

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