Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Žalgiris Stadium, Vilnius, Lithuania

Right next to the impressive auditorium, Sporto Rūmai, sits the not impressive, semi-ruin of Žalgiris stadium. It's your basic one-story oval affair surrounding a football pitch. Multi-colored seat sections, a half-hearted attempt at Greek-like exterior embellishments.

The stadium was completed in 1950 by German POWs. Sad irony, it's built on the grounds of an old Jewish cemetery.

For Soviet-era Vilnius, this 15,000-seat stadium was it for witnessing the top football club and other similar events. Post communist rule, newer stadiums have been built, rendering Žalgiris to rot.

Heading into the squat stadium.

Main entrance. Classic colosseum style, writ small. Another entrance, football medallion.

Behind the big scoreboard, Lada auto for effect.

Signs of desolation, trashed office and leftovers from the nearby....

...auto repair shops that dot one end of the complex.

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