Wednesday, 5 October 2016


After nearly two years of European living, we finally made it to Venice. Saw the sights, traversed the canals. Dare we say, we soaked it all in?

Postcard view.

From a grand canal pier. Drying laundry, a sign the place hasn't gone completely tourist.

Church detail.

Holocaust markers, also seen in Rome, Vienna and other cities. Always looking for another travel fix, guides and magazines to help you figure out where to go next.

You gotta have clean underwear.


  1. There is a free tour (tip suggested)I found on TripAdvisor that is called "the Venice tourists don't see" or "behind the scenes" or something like that. Takes you where the residents live, where they repair the gondolas, and many unknown facts. Plus, it avoids the crowds, I highly recommend it. Not that you guys need any advice!

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  3. No, you dare not. Great photos, though.