Monday, 19 December 2016

The Ukrainian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War

For us in the West, known as a museum "dedicated to World War II." Depending on your perspective, WWII museums in Eastern Europe are interesting to experience. Same enemy (Nazis), different outcome (communism). Celebrating a great war triumph proved to be a propaganda bonanza for the Soviets, a way to show its occupied states just who saved them and at what cost. The system is now gone, but the thrust of the museums endures.

Similar to the war museum in Minsk, lots of glory and lots more detail.

Downed plane. Logbook.

This grim machine ground up human bones of dead Jews and filled the meal into bags.

Glory in the art, a frieze and a photograph embellished with flowers.

A great diorama of Berlin burning.

A sign of victory and the grim consequences. Around 7 million Ukrainians, military and civilian, lost their lives in the war. By some estimates, Ukraine lost about a quarter of its population.

Under the Motherland Monument, a domed room that's dedicated to the dead.

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