Monday, 5 December 2016

Welcome To Bristol, Tennessee (Virginia)

Nothing like straddling states. The city of Bristol does just that trick - and its main street has the appropriate name - State Street. Half of it in Virginia, the other half in Tennessee. Bristol is famous for hosting the big bang of country music, a seminal recording session that took place in 1927. There's a nice, new Smithsonian museum in town that covers that event. Bristol must have also prospered under nearby coal deposits. Now, NASCAR is a big draw.

Welcoming the tourist dollars to town.

Another famous draw for Bristol, the last place where Hank Williams was seen alive. Right here, in a car parked in front of this joint. Closed store storage.

Bridal display.

Mannequins on Main Street, in a country store and a religious display.

Cleaning out an office, file cabinets gather in a parking lot.

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