Friday, 11 May 2018

Getting Lit Up For Chinese New Year At The Kek Lok Si Temple In Penang

Remember those houses in your neighborhood whose owners would go all out with the Christmas lights for the holidays? Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang would smoke all comers. The temple is legendary for its light display for Chinese New Year, so much so that a desire recently to scale back on the expensive undertaking had the local government rushing to the rescue.

Let there be light!

The temple is up a hill, adding to the majesty.

Tough year, 2018. Pineapple candles of memorial.


Beyond the lights, the temple is elaborate, many buildings, more figures. Oh, right, what year is it? Woof!

Another view of the complex, never getting old.

Obviously, a place to visit, a place for photos of yourself. March of the Chinese lanterns.

A final look, from the tall pagoda.

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