Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Ernest Zacharevic Murals in Penang

Penang holds a sweet double connection for Sarah and James, courtesy of Ernest Zacharevic. Zacharevic is from Lithuania and lives in Malaysia, two of the three places Sarah and James have been posted.

Beyond the connection, the guy has been a prolific muralist and he's put Penang on the world street art map in a big way, pun intended.

Zacharevic is famous for incorporating physical items into his murals, adding a semi-interacvtive experience for the viewer. And a bonanza for snaps.

Kids on a bicycle.

"Yea, my turn to ride the bike, junior."

Another location, another bike. And a group sizing up the pose. The current rider looking a little concerned.

More of his murals, going big.

Continuing the 3D theme, using everyday objects to add a little depth to his work.

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