Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Angkor has a few iconic sites, places that give the world the classic image of what the complex looks like. Think the massive temple of Angkor Wat, the over-grown trees slithering through Ta Prohm. And the 216 heads that dominate and decorate the Bayon temple.

Bayon is part of the sprawling Angkor Thom complex. When you approach the temple, it's impressive for what it isn't - a tight, well-preseved structure. Frankly, it looks like a pile of rocks.

Upon closer inspection, the many heads of king Avalokiteshvara appear. No shyness on likeness.

Every tower, every surface, hail the king.

OK, maybe a little break for some Buddhist imagery. Enough, back to king Avalokiteshvara!

It's nice to see that personal ego is still practiced for tourist posing.

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