Monday, 11 June 2018

The Awe Of Angkor Wat

The heavy at Angkor is Angkor Wat and it's obvious why. It dwarfs the other temples, both in size and complexity, a massive structure among village shacks. Maybe an exaggeration, except that seeing Angkor Wat does humble mere modern humans. It's close to impossible to appreciate the temple through photographs. Consider these images an amuse-bouche.

Looming temple at sunrise.

From within the outer walls. A group of apsaras, heavenly nymphs. They ring the upper concourse and feature fantastic hairstyles. The club kids of the 12th century.

One of the inner courtyards.

A guarding lion, much junk in the trunk. One of Angkor Wat's highlights is an enormous frieze that encircles the temple. It's 800 meters around and features scenes of various epic events. Forget cows being milked, think battles with elephant armies.

The backyard view. Quite a view.

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