Monday, 17 February 2014

Home On The Brooklyn Grange

There's an amazing urban commercial garden hidden in Brooklyn, producing all sorts of delectable veggies and fruits for nearby restaurants and markets. The enterprise itself is cool enough, but it's even cooler for its location.

Directory assistance, please. Going up!

Yup, rooftop gardening by Brooklyn Grange, right smack in the middle of one of the densest cities in the world. And this ain't no row of flower pots: it's a whopping 1.5 acre spread on top of a bad ass old Brooklyn Navy Yard building. James got to hang with the hard-working crew while working on another Ford project.

Is there a field with a better view than this one? Bees are also busy getting a view. And cool homes!

Harvest time. Load up some pallets, take the freight elevator down and get packing, right in the middle of the industrial might of the Navy Yard.

Then it's off to a farmer's market or restaurant that believes in serving greens grown a mile or so away. Mmm....

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