Monday, 24 February 2014

Next Stop, Lithuania

Where's our next post? Where will we be spending the next two years of our lives? Crack the atlas and head to Northeastern Europe. Next stop: Vilnius, Lithuania.

It's going to be a big change for us from our previous post, India. Three million in country compared to about nine million in our previous home, the city of Chennai. Hot year 'round compared to sweater (and more) weather.

We went a few weeks ago to dip our toe in the Neris River (not really possible - it was frozen) and see what the place is like.

Sarah, posing in front of the main landmark of the city, the Cathedral and bell tower.

Vilnius has a classic-looking Old Town section. Another landmark, Gate of Dawn.

Time to eat. Vilnius has rapidly adopted Western food and produce, but traditional meals are still served, especially if you're a guest at someone's house. Shades of tan, cheese and honey.

Two national biggies, cepelinai - a potato dumpling, and lydeka - a pike that's been gutted and re-stuffed as a sort of fish meat loaf. This food ain't no spa cuisine.

Remnants of old Communist architecture are still around. A theater, now with graffiti to spruce it up.

Lithuania is basketball crazy. Makes sense, it's indoor entertainment. And entertaining it is, complete with dancers. But inside doesn't necessarily mean warm, just ask the players on one of the team's benches.

Graffiti is all over the place, many times in amusing scenarios. We'll be back, little bear!

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  1. I've been following your blog and it's exciting to hear you'll be in Vilnius! A friend of mine is married to a Lithuania (she's American) and loves living there. Let me know if I can put you in touch with some locals :-) -Bethany