Friday, 28 February 2014

Lithuania, Land Of Graffiti

Maybe if your country only got independence about 20+ years ago, you need to go through the various stages of growth. Lithuania is definitely in its graffiti stage. The stuff is all over the place, enough pieces that if you were planning a sequel to Beat Street, maybe you head to Lithuania instead of the South Bronx.

And no slouches in the talent department. Complimented by snow, the ever present foundation.

Hello alley cat. Plenty of paper posters, too.

The work is also officially sanctioned, like this nice mural outside a government building in Kaunas.

Another form of graffiti? Sort of. Taking a bunch of random stickers and carefully covering one panel of your car is in vogue.

Learning English the graffiti way.


  1. Love it! Street art...relevant and enjoyable no matter where in the world you are.

  2. The sticker art has me intrigued and the last shot actually took me by surprise. It looks like the locals have a great sense of humor. Can't wait to learn more about your new locale!

  3. Thanks! And we can't wait to get back to discover everything over the next two years. Your blog is great and we added it to our "roll of fame".

  4. I love street art! I am pretty sure that the big mural on the government building is either commissioned by the Brazilian street artist duo called Os Gemeos or it is at least heavily inspired by their work. I loved their stuff in Sao Paulo!