Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Checking Out Our Neighborhood In Vilnius

We're lucky to be living in the Old Town section of Vilnius. Most of the other Embassy housing is scattered throughout the modern part of the city, but we get to soak up the pedestrian-friendly, restaurant-heavy Old Town. Hooray for places to walk to!

When you walk out our door, here's the quaint street that greets you.

Typical small town features, shopping, cafe and a central fountain, all a minute or so away from our front door.

And then there are the eating options, open air in the summer.

This place looks good! And for those suddenly chilly afternoons and evenings, a restaurant-supplied blanket, complete with beer sponsorship. Time to wrap and drink.

Our neighborhood wouldn't be complete without a church.

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  1. Wow, what great photos. It's all about walkability, isn't it? Siauliai is much less picturesque than Vilnius, but living in the city center made all the difference to us. I sveikata!