Thursday, 27 August 2015

Staying At A Sweet Sodyba In Lithuania

Everyone in Lithuania has a summer country place, called a "sodyba." It's usually on a lake, a bit of a humble house, maybe with running water and electricity. The important parts of the sodyba are the location and the ability to gather friends and family for a few days, to eat, swim, drink and enjoy the short summer in Lithuania.

We found a lake.

And the sodyba. In this case, a few little houses, randomly splitting bedrooms, living rooms, a kitchen.

Maybe there's a sauna house.

What to do? A slow blini breakfast to start the day, maybe a little fruit foraging in the orchard.

Of course, swimming.

Maybe a little sun and reading on the dock. When afternoon rolls around, maybe (probably) some glasses come out.

Time for a sunset, wine and casual conversation among friends.

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