Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Pope Francis Visits Istanbul

When we booked our little trip to Istanbul, we weren't expecting to see the Pope. Is he even on Tinder? (He does Tweet.) Then we glanced at a notice in our hotel lobby. The Pope is coming!

What are the chances we'd actually get to see him? Figuring the crowds would be smaller in a Muslim country, we headed to the vehicle route.

We were right about the crowds, a whopping two, three deep.  Feeling lucky!


Here they come. The Pope is in the hulking black Chevy Suburban, right? Nope, he's a modest sedan man. That's him in the rear, right window. Seriously.

After visiting the Blue Mosque, the Pope headed to Hagia Sophia, our chance to get a better glimpse of him. James says, "There he is!" Sarah yells, "I don't see him!" James repeats louder, points. Sarah still doesn't see him. James yells, "He's the only one wearing white!!!" Oh.

We did see him. A 1,000% crop factor helps verify the moment.

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