Monday, 19 October 2015

The Russians Are Coming (Again)!

At least to make a World War II movie. There's a small street not far from our apartment that looks like the perfect location for a WWII movie. Nothing modern, minimal signage to remove. Cue the cobblestones.

The Russian film community got the memo and used it for a location this past summer for a WWII film. You think only NATO countries make films about WWII? There's plenty of propaganda to go around.

The set.

Universal film crew language, hurry up and wait.

Tough day for the art department, so hard to dress the space with a couple of posters. Hurry up and wait for the Nazi talent. Green screen to extend the street.


You have to be careful filming WWII movies in Lithuania. The sudden appearance of Nazis and/or Russians isn't welcome. Best to hide your set.

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