Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Let's Go To The Mercedes-Benz Museum

Talk about a temple to engineering and our modern world. The Mercedes museum isn't some sort of hangar with a bunch of old cars crammed into it. The building itself is a cool, efficient architectural statement, emulating its contents. Call it Mercedes myth-making.

Hi-tech entrance.

A lineup of current Mercedes products stand guard out front. The five horse(power) of the apocalypse?

Future Mercedes owner? If the company has anything to do with it... At the beginning of the tour, Mercedes leaving little doubt what they were trying to best.

The inside atrium with pod elevators. The future is now!

Stamp dyes of the famous three point star symbol. Easily transferred to baked goods at the restaurant, no opportunity for corporate identity preening missed.

Finally, a vehicle! The first Mercedes cars.

Next, more Mercedes, much more.

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