Thursday, 12 November 2015

Ogling The Automobiles At The Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz museum could easily seem indulgent and a crass attempt at corporate propaganda if it weren't for the high quality of the product they're promoting. The vehicles deliver.

A gallery of early 20th century motoring masterpieces.

Who couldn't make a grand entrance in this blue baby? Early example of the iconic symbol.

An interior, outrageous attention to design and detail. Oh, why are we cursed with black vinyl and fake woodgrain?

Post-war expansion into India, as if it ever looks so sedate. New offerings for the autobahn age.

The lineup gets sleek. The vehicle in the foreground is pure red, not some goofy 60s sunburst (although, kind of cool). The spot-lighting played tricks on photo exposure.

No Mercedes history would be true without a Gullwing on display. A 60s color palette wheel, great, understated colors.

A turbodiesel wagon. Nondescript, but for a family connection.

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