Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Visiting The Porsche Museum

If Mercedes Benz is the heavy transportation manufacturer of Stuttgart, Porsche is the speedy one. Fewer vehicles, more oomph. Their museums reflect this philosophy, with Mercedes building a massive temple to its history, while Porsche has a smaller space that feels zippier, like its cars.

Right across the street is the Porsche factory. "Get your fresh Porsches here!"

Inside the museum, speeding through Porsche history.

The 365, featuring a shape that would morph onto Porsche's signature car, the 911. Two more 911 signature features, bright 1970s color schemes and the Whale Tail rear spoiler.

Porsche 956, aka, James Dean Death Car.

A couple of silly versions, Polizei you won't out-run and a mock up of a Porsche featured in the movie Cars.

Another movie star-related Porsche, the 928 that Tom Cruise dunked in Risky Business.

From the Porsche design shop, a bit of mock-up history, complete with goofy graffiti.

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