Thursday, 5 November 2015

Unsung Architecture Of Istanbul

The major mosques are Istanbul's architectural highlights. Big, solid, imposing. What's up with the riff-raff, the everyday buildings that line Istanbul's streets?

There's a history of wooden structures in the city. Half western town, half San Franciscan Victorian. Throw a little New Orleans shotgun shack into the mix.

Somehow, this wood house is still standing (leaning?). The future looming next to another wood house, taller and more profitable for the landlord. A shame.

A neglected Art Deco beauty.

Plastic leaf covered building. Aspirational renovation cover.
Shop Marilyn.

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  1. I was told that some of the homes you see just falling apart are because prices of the neighborhoods are climbing, as are repair costs, and hotels and developers are just waiting the families out. The downside to make a buck tourism and greedy project developers - disappearing neighborhoods. Mosques and malls are where the investments seem to be going - and pricey hotels near big attractions.