Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Monumental Bishkek

They love them some grand monuments in Bishkek. Statues, mosaics, plaques, glory be to the non-humble. In Eastern Europe, the Soviet sculpture legacy has been swept to private parks, the back of buildings, surrogate dustbins. In Bishkek, the Soviet influence is stronger and the underlying motivation of the government to impress the populace still present. The sculptures stay.

Lenin, still reaching out for followers. Bishkek has made a concession to changing times, moving Lenin from the most important location in the city in front of the State History museum. He's now out back.

More old-school, Marx chatting with Engels. Another concession, the work is no longer labeled. Moving on, celebrating a Kyrgyzstan leader.
Kojomkul, warrior. Yea, he'll take on your horse.

Aykol Manas. He's the go-to guy for monuments now, a folk figure from an epic poem. Think all-around warrior folktale. This sculpture replaced Lenin in front of the State History museum. Other versions can be found throughout the city. On the right, a circular sculpture to labour.

Getting all tiled, a Lenin mosaic.

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