Wednesday, 27 September 2017

A Visit To An American Corner In Malaysia

Part of Sarah's job in Malaysia is overseeing a group of small sections of libraries scattered around the country. They're called American Corners and they're mini-libraries, full of media materials that help expose Malaysians to American ideas and culture.

Recently, Sarah had the opportunity to check out an anti-wildlife trafficking program at the American Corner in Alor Setar. After you've consulted Google maps to figure out where in the world is Alor Setar, check out the photos.

The Corner at the state library. They're in the process of being renamed - from "Lincoln" to "American."

Sarah, checking out the display of illegal poaching trophies.

Lots of school kids, bouncing between various exhibit stations.

Bringing some new technology to the masses. They loved it.

The Diplomat at work.

Boys, what do they love around the world? Video games.

Being impressed.

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