Friday, 29 September 2017

Basking At Badminton At The 2017 SEA Games

The SEA (Southeast Asian) games were held in Malaysia this year, a nice bit of timing for newly-arrived Sarah and James. In case you're not up on your worldly competitions, the SEA games are held every couple years on a rotating basis between the 11 member area countries. Think Olympics, with a concentration on sports that are big in Southeast Asia.

Maybe you love muay or pincak silat. The SEA games are for you. James dipped his sports toe lightly and went to see some epic badminton matches.

Badminton, staged as high theater.

Standing room only and wearing the country colors.

They're serious about badminton in Malaysia and have the equipment to prove it.

They also practice synchronized cheers and waving for every play. You do not want to be in/near those sections unless you're all in. No matter, closed circuit can always give you the at-home TV look.

Badminton, super-intense. Who knew?

For the record, Malaysia won its matches the day James went and the team went on to win team gold. Hooray to the Malay!

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