Monday, 25 September 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Open (Sewer) For Business!

No doubt about it, Kuala Lumpur is a hot, tropical, rainy place. A break from the heat? Forget it. Rain? Frequent. When you walk around the city, you look down and have new respect for water removal. Why?

Behold the drainage system in KL!

Wow. One person's efficient water removal system is another person's incredibly dangerous open sewer. What's a few lost children if the streets stay passable?

Maybe you find a section of sidewalk that's covered, yay! Just don't expect it to last. That hole is about three feet down to serious injury-town.

So what's your choice? One way is down to the sewer, the other option is into traffic. People don't really walk much in KL.

Drain grates are frequently broken, missing.  Sometimes people do what they can, plug a hole with what's around. Such variety!
You really don't want to fall in. Yech.

A little late with the warning cone. Finally, an open, legit looking sewer run.

Have we died and gone to sewer heaven? How it's supposed to be, a wide, groomed sidewalk, fencing and a closed sewer.

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