Monday, 2 October 2017

Running Into Rimau At The 2017 SEA Games

What's an event without a marketing plan? And what's a marketing plan without a mascot? The 2017 SEA games in Malaysia invented Rimau, a likable tiger in the vein of Tony or Tigger. "Rimau" is short for "harimau," which means "tiger" in Malay. "Rimau" also stands for Respect, Integrity, Move, Attitude, Unity. Sure.

Here he/she is, ready to get active.

You can't over-use your mascot. Everyone needs to wear the mascot. The mascot also has different moods, expressions. Winking, punched in the face? It's all good with Rimau.

Let the marketing begin. Shop!

Drinks are a good marketing opportunity, free cups, free water, all Rimau.

The sign of marketing triumph, people flocking for a photo-op.

Ugh oh.

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