Monday, 23 October 2017

Seeing Formula One Racing At Sepang International Circuit

The Formula One road rockets roared into Kuala Lumpur recently and James went to check out the noisy scene. Get all your motors running.

Sepang's track, the view toward the pit area and finish line.

Practice run in the rain.  Your choice, watch it live or on jumbo TV. Lots of motorheads there with jumbo camera systems, collecting thier favorite drivers.


One of many people on various safety crews. Not much clearance between racing free and sparking it up.

Off the track, plenty of auto-related distractions. The Honda tent.

Unwrapping the classic car display area. Some Petronas (Malaysia's national oil company) spokeswomen.

You know you've arrived when you can somehow create cuddly creatures out of an oil can and gas pump.

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