Monday, 16 October 2017

Getting Ready For Deepavali In Malaysia

Every fall, Indians celebrate Deepavali, or Diwali, known as the festival of light. Think Christmas for Hindus, a season of family celebration, gift-giving and parties. Malaysia has a large Indian population and it takes its Deepavali seriously. Time to get prepping.

In the Indian neighborhoods of Kuala Lumpur, stores expand into the street, turning shopping into a lively bazaar experience.

Staples of Deepavali, colored rice to use to make a kolam and fireworks (or popping things, since fireworks are banned in Malaysia).

For house decorations, you gotta pickup some festive paper cut-outs.

Maybe also grab a few classic sculptures. A relaxing Ganesh is an easy impulse buy. Just like in the US, some of the biggest movies of the year play during the holiday. Get some snacks and soak up some Bollywood.

Honoring various deities is part of the holiday and is known as performing a puja. A big part of the ritual is elaborate flower leis, all hand strung.

You also need your fancy Deepavali clothes, especially for the kiddies. Snazzy. Wait, how'd that boring Orang putih (white man) get on that regal sign?

And then there's the food, it's always all about the food. Huge feasts, topped with endless, sweet desserts.

Get your supplies and bring on Deepavali!

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