Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Celebrating Deepavali At Sri Maha Mariamman Temple In Kuala Lumpur

For witnessing a big, traditional Indian holiday like Deepavali, it makes sense to head toward the big, traditional temple in town. For Kuala Lumpur, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is the perfect spot. Put on your fancy sari and let's go.

The grand temple, gopuram proud.

First step, get your pretty puja thali set.

The scene. The next step, line up to say prayers in the most religious section of the temple, the inner sanctum.

More steps, making your rounds to other shrines throughout the temple complex. If you need a little help with your puja, temple priests are there to assist.

All these steps, time for a little lunch break. Hi bird.

It's an intense experience, just ask the girls.

Portrait of a woman in her best celebration makeup.

"I was there!" Plenty of cell phone snaps being taken.

Exit through the gift shop, a branded bag for you to transport your puja items.

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