Friday, 6 October 2017

The Ruins Of Ancient Kuala Lumpur, Part I

Kuala Lumpur is a fast growing city that's eating itself. Forget historical preservation, the country is booming, the population is young and you've got to build the city for tomorrow today.

Just beyond the pre-planned, relatively new city center (KLCC), a carpet of new apartment complexes is rolling out. Depending on your financing, maybe you're sitting on land, recently-purchased land, waiting on construction. If there's a house on your valuable dirt pile, who cares, let it rot.

It's a sad sight, some old, frequently Art Deco in style, houses, abandoned and guaranteed to be pummeled into history. Must have been a great neighborhood 50 years ago. Progress.

Progress is the tall city, looming. It's coming for your (former) stately homes.

But cleared of houses doesn't signify imminent construction. History is now a waiting field. Urban change isn't exclusive to housing; plenty of old businesses are sitting, rotting.

Shed a tear for old KL.

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