Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Shopping At Dato' Keramat Market In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a modern city that has sprouted an endless field of skyscrapers, many of them with fancy grocery stores within the fancier malls that occupy the base of tall buildings. If you're looking for something different, some of that old world shopping experience, there are still a handful of "wet" markets spread throughout the city.

In our neighborhood, head to the Keramat market. "Wet" means that in addition to vegetables, there will be meat and seafood. The "wet" is named for the wet floors, a by-product of all the melting ice that's thrown around. Among other fluids.

The market.

Meat men.

Leftovers. Apologies to Frederick Sommer.

Vendor portraits, as heroic as they pose to be.

Moving out of the wet market section, the veggie ladies busy pruning their wares.

If you don't have piles of stuff, go the fancy route and pre-plate your product. A little secret of homemade Asian cooking - pre-mixed seasoning packets.

A man there for the social scene. Boston is his favorite US city.

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