Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Around Merdeka Square In Kuala Lumpur

The historical center of Kuala Lumpur is Merdeka (Independence) Square. It's a nice, green pitch, used by the British when they ruled old Malaya, for parades, matches of cricket, video game-a-thons. OK, maybe not the last activity.

Handover happened in the square. Malaysia added a flagpole that reaches halfway to the moon and the area is still surrounded with a handful of historic buildings.

The space.

In the Northwest corner of the square, humble Saint Mary Cathedral and the Royal Selangor Club, looking Tudor.

The impressive, Moorish influenced Sultan Abdul Samad building, housing government offices. It was designed by A.C. Norman, completed in 1897. Norman designed several municipal buildings in the same Moorish style.

Back in the square by the flagpole, learning and looking back at independence and looking forward to a giant video board that plays highlights of modern Malaysia.

There's a tourist center at the South end of the square that features a huge, elaborate model of the city. Track the changes! See the future! Find your apartment building! We did!

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