Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Typical (?) Gifts At Galeria Perdana

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad and his wife, Siti Hasmah, received more gifts than one can imagine. Some 9,000 objects, give or take a large rounding error. Here's a ridiculously annotated look at some of the gifts.

There are plenty of typical items one would expect heads of states to re-gift to each other: your bowls, globes, pots of various significance.

Sometimes there's a nice ethnographic element to the gifts, a shout out to the giving country. Easter island dolls and, of particular pride for Sarah and James from their time in Chennai, India, a model of a famous sculpture from that city, Valluvar Kattam.

The intention and spirit of a gift can get a little murky when it's re-done in gems. Mecca.

The natural world is represented in flora and fauna.

About as regal a gift as possible, a jeweled crown.

Next up, sliding into more interesting, curious gifts.

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